Major brand in the spring and summer 2014 launch of the luxury skateboard shoes

Wind movement has indisputably become one of the most popular spring and summer 2014 trends, whether it is fashion week conference, show, or on the streets, sports shoes has become one of the most eye-catching weapons. In spring 2014, skateboard shoes, but also because of the prevailing wind movement become more popular. 79 years of the last century with the launch of the first Vans skateboard shoes this season by many big names competing interpretations. Skateboarding shoes with rubber bottom is very comfortable to wear. We recommend the following for the latest skateboarding shoes from Celine, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent and other launch.
luxury skateboard shoes
As part of 2014 spring and summer footwear brand, Celine makes skateboarding shoes back into fashion. The brand launched skateboard shoes, plaid and leopard print style is most popular.
luxury skateboard shoes 1
Givenchy launched a variety of different styles of sneakers, brand famous Rodwell dog patterns and floral prints are iconic sneaker features, in addition to a single color, checkered, snakeskin and other designs.
luxury skateboard shoes 2
Marc Jacobs is skateboarding shoes with pointed design, material mainly tweed and pony hair.
luxury skateboard shoes 3
Saint Laurent introduced more diverse skateboard shoes, animal print sticks, rivets, metallic colors, such as the brand new design features.


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